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Trending Exterior House Colors for 2023

For 2023, the trending exterior house colors are all about embracing natural harmony and understated elegance. Earthy tones, such as warm taupe and soft clay, have surged in popularity, paired beautifully with muted greens and blues reminiscent of serene landscapes. These palettes not only enhance curb appeal but also create a calming, cohesive connection between our homes and the environment.

The exterior color of a home significantly impacts its aesthetic charm and overall value. As with fashion, house color trends have evolved over the years, mirroring societal shifts and design innovations. From pastel-dominated eras to 2023’s earthy hues, these shifts highlight the importance of first impressions in home design.

1. Warm Taupe: The Neutral Powerhouse

Warm taupe emerges as a standout in 2023’s color trends, winning hearts with its understated elegance. Its beauty lies in its adaptability; whether adorning a sleek modern home or gracing a vintage abode, warm taupe effortlessly blends in. By seamlessly walking the line between contemporary and traditional, this hue establishes itself as a universal favorite, offering a sophisticated backdrop that appeals to varied tastes and home designs.

2. Soft Clay: Earth’s Gentle Touch

Soft clay, with its gentle embrace, has carved a niche for itself in the exterior color spectrum. Its delicate warmth is akin to a comforting embrace, setting homes aglow with an inviting ambiance. More than just a color, soft clay evokes a sensory experience of comfort. The shade’s natural inclination to harmonize with its surroundings makes it a prime choice for those looking to establish a subtle connection with nature. Furthermore, its neutral base offers a canvas ripe for experimentation, pairing seamlessly with both muted and vibrant accents.

3. Muted Browns: A Nod to Nature’s Roots

2023 witnesses a heartfelt return to muted browns, a palette that grounds homes in nature’s essence. These shades, reminiscent of tree barks and forest floors, add an authentic rustic charm, transporting dwellers to a woodland retreat. Ideal for homes set amidst natural landscapes, muted browns accentuate the organic beauty of stone, wood, and greenery. Their ability to anchor homes in an earthy realism makes them particularly suited for cottages, cabins, and homes that lean into a natural aesthetic.

4. Sage Green: The Breath of Fresh Air

Capturing the serene whispers of meadows and dense forests, sage green is fast becoming the color of choice for many homeowners. Its restorative and calming nature offers a refreshing visual break, particularly in urban settings. This hue not only resonates with nature lovers but also acts as a bridge, harmonizing homes with their surrounding environment. Its versatile shade plays well with others, allowing homeowners to complement it with soft neutrals or introduce contrasts with bolder shades.

5. Sky Blue: A Glimpse of the Horizon

Embodying the boundless beauty of a clear day, sky blue paints homes with a brush of tranquility. Far from being just a ‘pop’ of color, its subtleness ensures that exteriors feel refreshed without becoming overwhelming. Its light and airy demeanor suits a variety of architectural designs, from coastal retreats to urban townhouses. With sky blue, the possibilities stretch as far as the horizon, offering a canvas for creative design expressions.

6. Deep Plum: Bold and Beautiful

Breaking the mold in 2023’s color trends is deep plum—a shade that’s both audacious and refined. Its rich undertones command attention, making homes stand out with a distinctive flair. Despite its boldness, deep plum’s sophistication allows it to adapt, whether as a dominant shade or a strategic accent. Especially captivating on doorways, window trims, or architectural niches, this hue beckons a second glance, ensuring that homes are not just seen, but remembered.

7. Terracotta Orange: Sun-Kissed Warmth

Harking back to traditional clay pots and sunbaked tiles, terracotta orange is making a notable entrance in 2023’s color palette. Its earthy, sun-kissed warmth exudes a Mediterranean charm, ideal for homes looking to incorporate a hint of the exotic. Besides its inherent vibrancy, terracotta orange stands as a symbol of warmth and hospitality. Pair it with muted neutrals or deep blues to achieve a harmonious yet lively exterior, perfectly encapsulating both tradition and modernity.

8. Charcoal Grey: Sophisticated Strength

Dark, deep, and undeniably sophisticated, charcoal grey is the answer for those seeking a strong contemporary vibe. Beyond its modern appeal, charcoal grey introduces an element of timeless elegance to the exterior of homes. Its strength as a shade lies in its adaptability; it acts as a neutral backdrop, allowing other colors, be it bold accents or softer hues, to shine. Additionally, its depth can accentuate architectural details, lending an air of distinction to any home. When paired with metallic finishes or natural wood, it creates an exterior that’s both chic and inviting.


2023’s exterior house color trends clearly gravitate towards nature-inspired hues like warm taupe, soft clay, and sage green, echoing a collective desire for harmony with our surroundings. Yet, with striking choices like deep plum, the balance between subtle elegance and bold statements is evident. When selecting a shade, it’s crucial to consider both the trend and how it complements your home’s architecture and environment. Inspired by this year’s palette, let’s create homes that aren’t just on-trend but timeless in appeal.

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