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Trends and Innovations: Inspiration for Your Next Kitchen Renovation Project

Kitchen Renovation Projects

Kitchens are particularly challenging space to remodel and renovate, and kitchen spaces often fulfil additional functions, beyond traditional cooking and food preparation requirements. A kitchen should essentially provide a practical space for cooking and culinary needs, but a modern kitchen also needs to provide for range of other activities, such as dining, meeting or entertaining.

Kitchen design is a fast-moving, dynamic profession. Colors, textures, trends and innovations are continually being updated. Technology, product development and innovative use of space provide contemporary inspiration when planning a kitchen renovation project.


Trends and Innovations: Inspiration for Your Next Kitchen Renovation Project

When considering kitchen remodeling Palo Alto a professional, experienced contractor can provide valuable support and advice. This can ensure the most contemporary trends and innovations are considered during the planning for any kitchen renovation.  As with any industry, kitchen design and styles are continually evolving and new innovations are always being considered.

Kitchen tile design is always adventurous and styles are frequently updated. The latest trend is for taking tiles right up to the kitchen ceiling, rather than to a lower or mid-level as has previously been the case. The increase in any tiled area provides a greater opportunity for impactful color finishes, in addition to styles and patterns. These can include checkerboard detail which is becoming a popular contemporary option in kitchen renovations.

Kitchen interior designers have recently emphasized the benefits of incorporating twin islands, rather than the typical single-islands. The trend towards twin islands is often about improving the traffic flow, and creative solutions regarding layout can have a dramatic impact.

When providing venting to any kitchen installation, this element has not typically been a prominent feature. One of the most popular current design trends is the outsized canopy hood, styled on the classic fireplace canopy. This new design opportunity enables greater texture, shape and impact to be included within a modern kitchen renovation.

A countertop cabinet is a future design trend and is the ideal counterpoint to a fitted kitchen installation. Placed at countertop level, and to the same depth as kitchen cabinets, these sit-on units lend a dresser-style look, especially when incorporating contrasting materials to the rest of the kitchen cabinets. Some options feature bi-fold doors that can accommodate small appliances, others provide a feature space for glassware and decorative collections, and countertop cabinets can also prove far more practical storage spaces.

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